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Welcome to the blog of Hakone - Area (Hakone Area)!

ThisHello, I am F 2 ★ BOB of a manager.
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This blog,
About Hakone and the area around it (Kanagawa prefecture west area)
F ★ BOB who loves locals, from a selfish perspective,
Spectacular attractionsIntroduction & recommended blog.


Actually going to the site, with the photographs taken, five senses (sometimes with a sixth sense?)
What you feltI write in roughly.


From now on, we will take a closer look at the highlights of the four seasons of "Hakone Area"
We will tell it, "I want to go to the place here" ~
I am very happy if you think.

First of all, we will give you great deals on traveling around sightseeing spots of "Hakone Town", which has the most tourists in the Hakone area,This blogIt is written in, so please take a look by all means.






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