Hakone Sekisyo(Hakone Checking station)



【Complete restored Edo period office】

Established by the Edo Shogunate, from Genna 5 year (1619 year) to the Meiji 2 year (1869 year), the Tokaido officials located on the shore of Lake Ashinoko of Hakone (present Hakone-machi Hakone) Sagami country.

It was completely restored in Heisei 19 year and renewed to the present form which devised the exhibition method.
Admission fee: Adult 500 Yen, Child 250 Yen (Hakone Free Pass User: Adult 400 Yen, Child 150 Yen)

Hakone Sekisyo before renewal had a slightly dark and heavy feeling but now the facility is faithfully reproduced in an overall bright atmosphere, I think that it is easy for overseas people to understand .

The view from the far-distance address is the best, but as the climb of the stairs is long and tough, a little preparedness is necessary.

In addition, we also have a Hakone Seki Material Museum in the immediate vicinity (there is a set fee for the exhibition fee), so please stop by by all means. You can learn more about the history of Hakone Seki.

A path leading from Hakone Sekisyo to the Hakone Sekisyo Museum
A path leading from Hakone Sekisyo to the Hakone Sekisyo Museum

I seemed to cry for a moment in the gap between the current Hakone Sekisyo idol "Tama chan" character and past sad facts.

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