Hakone Jinja(Hakone Shrine)


【Kanto General Truancy Hakone Capital One Power Spot】

The Hakone shrine exceeding Xinyuan was originally revered as a "god of matchmaking" where many warlords visit, but since then, many people such as safe prayers in Tokaido, welfare prayer, home safety, etc. It became revered.

Within Hakone Shrine there are various interests such as the main shrine that enshrines the Hakone Ogami (Sanshin), "Kuzuryu Jinja Shingu(Nine-headed Dragon Shrine-New shrine)" built for villagers who can not visit the main shrine quite, Yatatesugi(Prayer cedar for luck), Anzansugi(Prayer cedar for easy delivery) etc. It is a place you can do.

Power spot of Hakone Shrine
① Yatatesugi(Prayer cedar for luck) and a big tree around the fourth Torii gate Powerful purification spot)
② Stone steps of Shosendo (Powerful purification spot)
③ Before the Buddhist hall of Hakone Shrine (Energy of the earth of Hakone suffersDragon pit spot
④ Nine-headed dragon shrine Forest behind the Shingu (Continue to the tomb of a million volumes)Powerful air field
⑤ Ryujin Water (Re-irrigation of Hakoneyama to wash and clean uncleanness
⑥ Anzansugi(Prayer cedar for easy delivery)Childbirth and Easy delivery prayer spot

Lake Ashinoko ~ Torii of Peace ~ Stone steps of road approaching a shrine ~ Hakone Mototsumiya of mountain peak, a dragon road with high purification capacity is passing, I feel like I could drop my own trouble while walking this route .


The torii of peace is a shooting point, and we always have a waiting queue.

It is the rule here to accept the camera of the first person and take a picture when waiting for the turn becomes the second from the top. After taking a picture, let yourself take the next person.

After worshiping, rest areas in the precincts (Confrontation) To eat "5 color rich", recommended!


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