Odawara Station


"Minaka Odawara" opened on December 2020, 12.

Minaka Odawara at the east exit of Odawara Station, which opened on December 2020, 12
Minaka Odawara at the east exit of Odawara Station, which opened on December 2020, 12

"Minaka" is an old word meaning "middle (center)", and it is said that it is also used in the Manyoshu to indicate Mt. Fuji, the highest sacred mountain in Japan.

Named by a public offering to pray for the dawn of a new era in Odawara, it is hoped that this facility will be loved by many in Odawara in the future as a center of joy and bustling. ..

There are many stores mainly in food and food in Minaka Odawara, which is divided into the tower building and "Odawara New Castle Town", which has an Edo atmosphere, so I think it will be fun to walk around. (Be careful as some passages are narrow)

Long between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station due to damage caused by the eastern Japan typhoon (typhoon 2019) in October 10
Although the period was closed, the restoration work was completed and commercial operation was resumed from the first train on July 2020, 7 (Thursday / holiday).
In the Hakone area, the typhoon caused a great deal of damage, but the Hakone sightseeing tour route (Hakone Golden Course) was completely restored by restarting operation between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station.

* On the 2019 month 11 year of 15, access restrictions around Owakudani were lifted.
After about half a year, I was able to enjoy a walk outside Owakudani Station. As a result, heavy traffic on the road around Owakudani is expected, so it is recommended that people use the ropeway access at the Hakone Ropeway Togendai Station and Choshi Station parking lots. In addition, the Sounzan Station parking lot cannot be used due to damage from Typhoon 19.

Entrance of Hakone area

When sightseeing the Hakone area, the base is Odawara station.

At that Odawara Station, I would like you to stop by the way, there is a statue of Hayao Hokuto in front of the station.

Asakumi Hokuon in Odawara Station West Exit
Asakumi Hokuon in Odawara Station West Exit

To the roundabout at Odawara Station's West Exit (Shinkansen ticket gate side),
The Hokuto Hayao cloud statue of height 5.7m and weight 7t is enshrined.

It is based on "Kagyu's scale" by Hayao Kitajima.
(Photograph is a limited-time wearing version of the Hokuto 5th Festival)

Total number of fire cows
Hakujo Hojo has cast a bull-hatched cow in the corner on the night of the fourth year of the light (XNUM), letting the soldiers who were lying raise the voice of a wolf and pretend to be a large army attack.
The castle soldiers were able to escape quickly and take over Odawara Castle without difficulty.

When you look at the statue nearby, it is recommended that you go around the rotary to the left hand side and approach from the back of the statue, as there is a risk of hitting a passing vehicle when crossing the center of the rotary.

Odawara station (JR East Japan)
Odawara station (JR East Japan)

Next, I would like to know the best deals before I visit the Hakone area.

Five trains get on Odawara Station
① Daiyuzan line (Izu-Hakone Railway Co., Ltd.
② Tokaido Line & Shonan Shinjuku Line (JR East Japan Railway Company
③ Hakone mountain climbing line (Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd.
④ Odakyu Odawara Line (Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.)
⑤ Tokaido Shinkansen (JR Tokai Railway Company)

Four buses are entering the bus.
① Hakone Tozan Bus Co., Ltd.  
② Izu Hakone Bus Co., Ltd.
③ Fujikyu Shonan Bus Co., Ltd.
④ Kanagawa Chuo Kosan Co., Ltd.

※ The deficit is the company that is also on Hakone

When sightseeing Hakone, it is the vehicle free ticket that is benefitable!
"Hakone free pass" is famous, but there is a little territory as below, so according to the purpose,Two kinds of free passI think that it is good if you choose properly.

Name Hakone free pass
(Odakyu Electric Railway Group)
※Detail isthis
Hakone Tabidasuke(Hakone journey help ticket)
(Seibu Group)
※Detail isthis
Prices Adult: 4,600 Yen,
Child (6 years old and under 12 years old): 1,000 yen
(Odawara origin, Valid for 2 days)
Adult: 3,000 Yen,
Elementary school student: 1,500 yen
(Odawara origin, Valid for 2 days)
Getting on and off
Free rides
Hakone Tozan Train
(Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. railway line)
Hakone Tozan Cable Car
(Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. Steel Wire)
Hakone Jyukkokutoge pass cable car
(Izu-Hakone Railway Co., Ltd.)
Hakone ropeway
(Hakone Ropeway Co., Ltd.)
Hakone Komagatake Ropeway
(Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.)
Hakone pirate ship
(Hakone Tourist Boat Co., Ltd.)
Hakone Ashinoko Pleasure Boat
(Izu-Hakone Railway Co., Ltd.)
Hakone climbing bus <designated section>
(Hakone Toyama Bus Co., Ltd.)
Izu Hakone bus <designated section>
(Izu Hakone Bus Co., Ltd.)
Odakyu Hakone Express Bus <designated section> (Odakyu Hakone Express Bus Co., Ltd.)  
Tokai Bath Orange Shuttle
<Designated section> (Tokai bus)
Tourist facilities tour bus (Hakone Tozan Bus Co., Ltd.)  
  Hakone Garden Aquarium (1 times)
Benefits Facilities such as hot springs around Hakone and tourist facilities, about 50 facilities offer discounted and discounted rates Facilities such as hot springs around Hakone and tourist facilities, 27 facilities offer discounted and discounted rates
More informations If there is a ride that was canceled due to bad weather etc., there is a refund at the end station of the trip (provided, however, only when the ride has never been ridden)  

The point that requires a little attention is below.
· "Hakone free passIn the Lake Ashino boat boat and the Komagatake Ropeway,I can not ride. (Extra charge)

· "Hakone Tabidasuke(Hakone journey help ticket)In Hakone ropeway, Hakone climbing cable car, Hakone climbing train,I can not ride. (Extra charge)

Although it seems that "Hakone free pass" is advantageous due to the large number of vehicles and discount benefits, for example, Hakone Motomiya of Komagatake, Hakone Garden,Those who mainly make sightseeing around Lake Ashinoko, "Hakone journey help ticket" is advantageous.

Purchase place of Hakone journey help:
Izu Hakone Bus Odawara Ekima Information Office, Former Hakuba Information Office, Hakone Garden Information Center, JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, Kinki Nippon Tourist, Odakyu Travel, Meitetsu Kanko Service, Tobu Top Tour, Multimedia Terminal of Convenience Store (Lawson Ministop) .

on the other hand,"Hakone free pass"The strong point of railway and ropeway etc.Because you can avoid traffic jams, it is a point where you can read the time!

Especially on the weekend, even when the road congestion between Yumoto and Miyanoshita of National Highway No. 1 is intense, you can arrive at your destination on time by connecting Hakone Tozan Train, Cable Car and Ropeway. (In particular, you can enjoy enough until the end of the trip if you can read the return time)

Purchase place of Hakone free pass:
Automatic ticket vending machines at each station of the Odakyu Line, Odakyu Travel offices, Main stations of Hakone Tozan Railway, Hakone Tozan Bus Information Center, major travel agencies (JTB, KNT, Japan Travel etc.)

Recommended basic route using Hakone free passIs below.

① Odawara Station ⇒ Hakone Yumoto Station ⇒ Former Hakone (Hakone Tozan Bus
★ Drop-off point: Hatajuku parquet, sweet sake tea house, old highway cobblestone etc
② Former Kane root ⇒ Taoyuan Taipei (pirate ship
★ Drop in from: Hakone Sekko, Hakone Imperial Park, Hakone Shrine etc.
③ Taoyuan Taipei ⇒ Hayasunzan Station (Cable car
★ Drop in point: Owakudani
④ Hayasunzan Station ⇒ Gora Station (Cable car
★ Drop in point: Gora Park, Hakone Art Museum etc.
⑤ Gora Station ⇒ Hakone Yumoto Station ⇒ Odawara Station (Hakone Tozan Train
★ Drop in point: Sculpture Woods Art Museum, Fujiya Hotel, Hayunji, Suzuraha Kamaboko Museum etc.

The point is where we leave Lake Ashinoko by bus in the morning when the road is open and come back by train in the evening where the road is crowded.

Also, there is an advantage that you can relax from the bus stop outside the station, not going to the home of the Hakone Tozan Railway crowded after arrival at Romance Car at Hakone Yumoto Station.

Although it is good to go to Gora Ashinoko via Gora station, plan to exit by train · cable car · ropeway,
In the morning of the congestion period (Golden Week, Bon Festival, weekend of hydrangea / autumn leaves time), there are times when it is crowded enough that the Hakone Toyama train is full,
We recommend you to enter the locality at Hakone Yumoto before 9:00 AM (departing Odawara station before 8:30 AM).

Routes with relatively low congestion even by car
① Route that enters Old Tokaido from Sanmohashi Bridge in front of Yumoto and passes through Lake Ashinoko
② Route to enter Lake Ashinoko after entering Hakone Shinkansen from this side of Mihabashi
There are also, in the car, because the driver does not feel mind bored, such as traffic jams and traffic jams waiting for the parking lot,
Personally recommended is that the aboveA train based trip using "Hakone free pass".

Aside from that, in the 2018 Year 8 month, the Odakyu Hakone Group announced a large investment totaling 100 billion yen in scale, including the construction of new type pirate ships and station building improvement, so the convenience of "Hakone free pass" is improved further I guess.

As for the cooperation with the Seibu group, there is also a comment saying "We are working together to raise it up", and in the future Hakone All Free Path of a dream may be possible.

I don't know if this is part of it, but the price of adults has increased from 2019 to 4 (a two-day ticket starting from Odawara Station) on the 1 month 4,000 day of 4,600. (Child rates are deferred)

I will write it in another article, but this Odawara station will be the starting point when visiting sightseeing spots other than Hakone, so remember, please.


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