Ashigarigo Setoyashiki(Ashigari Hometown Seto's Residence)Kodomonohi(Kids Day)


[Country house where everyone feels nostalgic]

The Edo era about 300 years ago from now, the residence built by the Seto family who was a master of this area still exists.

In this house of the roof with the thatched roof, there are many events for children and so on, and it has become a special place to be loved beyond generations.
⇒ Ashigarigo Setoyashiki Hill For detailsthis

At the moment I came here for the first time and saw that side, I remembered my grandparents' house and strangely felt nostalgic.

Since the location of this place is also not so convenient for transportation,
It is easiest for you to come by car (there are free parking 20 units. There is a fee when holding the event)

Access to here

If you can come by train,
① Odakyu Odawara Line Shin Matsuda Station ⇒ "Yotsukado" (Hakone Tozan Bus Sekimoto Line), From there it is 15 minutes by foot.

② 50 minutes walk from the station Odakyu Odawara line opening station.
Recommendation,Opening station's rental cycle(4 hours: 500 yen ※ Credit card requiredIt is use of. Kaisei-town is a flat land without slope, so it's easy to ride a bicycle!

2017 year opened in 10 month "cafe hacoo"Is right next to the main building.
Coffee to drink in a space where retro and modern live together was delicious!

Cafe hacco in Ashigarigo Setoyashiki
Cafe hacco in Ashigarigo Setoyashiki

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