Amazake Chaya(Sweet Sake Teahouse)


【400 hospitality for years to come】

A tea house that has kept taste and goodwill in 32 year in Hakone-machi Harajuku, along the way of Hakone Hachiri (Odawara-juku ~ Hakone-juku inn to about Mishima lodging difficulty).

If you look at the exterior of the thatched roof, you will imagine the appearance of the Edo period.

Inside the store, there are lots of dirt and dirt, lamps are lit and there is very taste. The way that time advances slowly.

2018 Year 5 In late February, "Hakone Hachiri" was certified as a Japanese heritage, and "Amazake Chaya" was included as a cultural property in it, but such a festive atmosphere was not felt at all in the store, I was able to feel "a heart to hospitality of travelers" which continues unchanged from.

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Access to here
<In case of train>
· From Hakone Yumoto Station Hakone Tozan Bus (K Route) Approximately 23 minutes "Aka Chaya" Get off at the bus stop immediately.

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