Syasuinotaki(Purification waterfall)


【The exquisite waterfall which was also chosen as one hundred Japanese waterfalls】

Syasuinotaki falling from Takizawa River (tributary of Sakawa River) is a famous waterfall that is also selected for Kanagawa's scenic 50 election, Kanagawa Future Heritage 100.
The waterfall is three steps, the difference is one waterfall: 69m, Ninaki: 16m, Three waterfalls: 29m and majestic.

Suddenly when you are walking on the promenade in the forest, you can open your eyes and a magnificent waterfall appears. Unexpectedly refreshing, I will look into that force!

Unfortunately, I can not tell this impression in my skill of premature photography, so I definitely want to go and visit the site and feel it.

In that case, do not forget an empty plastic bottle! Please try to tender in the soft water of Japan's 100 famous name water.

If you look at it, you will be greeted with rumor "Happy Dharma" before the waterfall.

This place is full of nature (transportation is not very good)
When using public transport, please contact Odawara station ⇒ Shin Matsuda station (Odakyu Odawara line), Shin Matsuda station ⇒ Matsuda station (walking), Matsuda station ⇒ Yamakita station (JR Gotenba Line), Yamakita station ⇒ "Hirayama" bus stop Circulation bus), it will be about 10 minutes walk from there.

On the other hand, in the case of a car, it is easy to come because there is a free parking lot (about 10 cars) where I ran for a few minutes while looking at the signboard, broken from the "Higuchi Bridge" intersection of National Highway 246 .

Traffic jams in the surrounding national road 246 occur in the upward direction on the weekend evening, but I think that you can come smoothly if you leave that time slot. In addition, as a traffic jam avoidance route, you can go through Asuji Road, go to Oyuzenyama (Minami Ashigara City) and go to Oimatsuda.


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