Odawara joshi koen(Odawara Castle ruined Park)


【The impregnable castle inside the castle tower is a perfect museum】

Over about 15 years since the end of the 100 century, Odawara Castle was the center base of Kanto rule by Mr. Hojo. At that time, it seems that it was a castle town of Kanto Ichi.

It is called an impregnable castle because it did not succumb to the attack from Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen by constructing the castle town as a whole with a huge moat and a foundation covering 9 km in length (Odawara Castle's general structure) .
⇒ In Blatamori, Tamori also visits, so if you are interestedThis way

Heisei's great renovation
The Odawara Castle castle tower has been more than 35 years since the reconstruction of Showa 1960 (50), so in order to ensure the safety of visitors, from January 27 to Heisei 7 We are doing major renovation work.

The greatest renovation of Heisei, the most surprised is the exhibition inside the castle tower!
Very impressive exhibits are devised so as to make it easy to see. Moreover, it is fully equipped with air conditioning, so it's always comfortable.

· Admission fee: 500 yen in general, elementary and junior high school students 200 yen
· Opening hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
· Closed: December 2nd Wednesday, December 31st, January 1st

Odawara Castle entrance to the castle tower
Odawara Castle entrance to the castle tower

Also consideration is given to the height of the stairs and handrails, it is easy to go up and down very!
In other famous castles, one step of the stairs is high or it is steep (although there are various reasons to use the stairs at that time), in the castle tower of Odawara Castle you can climb safely from the child to the elderly .

Because it is multilingual compatible with the exhibition area with a dedicated application, I think that foreigners can enjoy it. If you download it in advance (free), the admission fee will be 1 discount. ⇒ Search the application on "Odawara Castle Exhibition Guide"
Bring earphonesThen it is good!

Regular canal routes,
① Maatari gate ② 馬 出門 gate ③ Majika wheel ④ Sumiyoshi Bridge
⑤ Copper gate ⑥ Tokiwaki gate ⑦ castle tower
And if you walk this route while imagining the feelings of the castle attack soldier then there may be different discoveries.
(You may be able to realize the place where you are invited from the plaza to a narrow gate, where you will be aimed at from the surroundings or the work that makes it impossible to see the direction to the castle tower)

There are unusual big trees in the Odawara Castle Ruins Park, so it is a must-see here as well.
Imagine that you have seen the change in the world from this place for hundreds of years, it makes me feel strange.

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