Daiyuzan Saijyoji (Saijyoji Temple)Niohmon(Buddhist guardian Gate)- Sanmon(XNUMX Gates-The gate leading to the Buddha after going through XNUMX different levels)


【Tengu legend and myriad power spots】 <Kanagawa Prefecture Designated Natural Monument etc>

Even just Daiyuzan Sonjoji Temple, there are quite impressive but another recommendation is from "Saijoji Temple" "Tengu-no-komichi(Tengu path)" (approach to the Cedar forest across the XNUMX km from Saijoji-Niohmon)" It is a course to go down and take a walk through Niohmon.

Leave the Hekirakumon gate, Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple, Ruri gate, go through the approach path, go through the Sanmon, and enter "Tengu no Komichi" from the side of "Doryoson" bus stop.

It is about 30 minutes, but as I walked "Tengu no Komichi", I wonder if it is due to forest bathing or because I got the power of cedar trees, I wonder how it became healthy (lol)

After the walk, I received a five-color dumpling set (800 yen) and a Warabimochi Rice cake set (850 yen) (ashigara tea or coffee) at the "Daiyuzan Chaya Tenugu main store" near Niohmon gate.

If you do slowly, you will return to the parking lot of Saijoji again from the bus stop of "Niohmon" (Take the train to Daiyuzan station as it is)

Cherry blossom season and hydrangea time are especially recommended.

Daiozan Saijoji Temple Niodomon and Sakura
Daiozan Saijoji Temple Niodomon and Sakura

※ Note: For cedar pollinosis people, it is better to remove 2 ~ 3 moon. At this time, the yellow smoke (pollen) rises from the mountain, so it mistakes as a forest fire! What? It is a tough situation.

Access to here

<For cars>
Because there is no public parking lot around the Niomon gate,
Stop at the free parking lot of Daiyuzan Saijoji, walk "Tongu no Komichi(Tengu path)"
"Daiyuzan Chaya Tengu main store" is equipped with parking lot, so after eating & teaing,
It will be a two-choice to stop at the little bit.

<In case of train>
Odawara Station ⇒ Daiozan Station (Daiosan Line) 21 minutes, 270 Yen, leave Daiozan Station and move to the right bus to the No. 1 pole (walking), Daiozan Station 「“ Jimon Gate ”bus stop (Izu Hakone bus) About 3 minutes, 170 yen

Daiyuzan Saijoji  Niohmon(Buddhist guardian gates)
Daiyuzan Saijoji Niohmon(Buddhist guardian gates)

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