Owakudani(Fumarolic area of Hakone volcano)


Long between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station due to damage caused by the eastern Japan typhoon (typhoon 2019) in October 10
Although it was closed for a period of time, the restoration work was completed, and commercial operation was resumed from the first train on July 7 (Thu/holiday).
In the Hakone area, the typhoon caused a great deal of damage, but the Hakone sightseeing tour route (Hakone Golden Course) was completely restored by restarting operation between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station.

* On the 2019 month 11 year of 15, access restrictions around Owakudani were lifted.
After about half a year, I was able to enjoy a walk outside Owakudani Station. As a result, heavy traffic on the road around Owakudani is expected, so it is recommended that people use the ropeway access at the Hakone Ropeway Togendai Station and Choshi Station parking lots. In addition, the Sounzan Station parking lot cannot be used due to damage from Typhoon 19.

[Like a cloud with plume smoke]

Northern slope of 800m from the altitude 1000m of Komagatake, the central crater of Hakone volcano.

Owakudani (scenery of Kanagawa 50 selection)
Owakudani (scenery of Kanagawa 50 selection)

It is also an active fumarolic area in the geothermal area, and it is the largest one among the numerous fumarolic areas in Hakone volcano. You can observe the dynamics of the volcano, such as boiling water boiler and fumaroll boasting white smoke.

Owakudani was built by Kamiyama (altitude 3,000m) collapsed by the eruption about 1,438 years ago.

Currently there are rising smoke containing hydrogen sulfide from here and there, smell of sulfur is on it. For that reason, the tree dies, the rocks clay, the reddish mountainous face is exactly like hell.

2015 year (H27 year) 5 month 6 day, when the volcanic activity of Hakone volcano increased the eruption alert level to 2, this Owakudani was banned.

after that,2016 Year (H28) In 7 month, the entire line of Hakone Ropeway was opened and Owakudani Park was opened.

Owakudani (Tamagi Chaya) ※ Because we are regulating now, we can not go so far
Owakudani (Tamagi Chaya) ※ Because we are regulating now, we can not go so far

I appreciate being able to do sightseeing now like this, and I am in this place, imagining the hardships of people working at tourist facilities.

So thanking you for all the things,
Let's eat the famous black egg (5 piece 500 yen)!

If you eat 1 items, it is said that "life expectancy will extend by 7 years", it is very auspicious, and moreover, the delicious ingredient is higher than 20% by ordinary boiled eggs.

Owakudani Kurotamago pavilion
Owakudani Kurotamago pavilion

To access here,
In the case of a car, National Highway 1 line Hakone Yumoto ⇒ Miyanoshita ⇒ Kowaki Garden ⇒ Prefectural road 734 line Owakudani

※ Miyanoshita from Hakone Yumoto is always congested,
If you like a drive and the toll road is okay, it is national highway 1 line Odawara ⇒ Hakone new road Ashinoko Taikan IC ⇒ Hakone Pass ⇒ Ashinoko Skyline (normal car: 720 yen) ⇒ Kojiri ⇒ Ubako Onsen ⇒ Prefectural road 734 line Owakudani (Parking lot fee: normal car 520 yen) is recommended.
※ Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Golden week, summer vacation, autumn leaves season etc. are very busy roads on vehicles waiting for parking lots.
Please be prepared for traffic jams of 1 hours or more at peak time!

Those using "Hakone Free Pass" (Odakyu system)
Odawara Station ⇒ Hakone Yumoto Station ⇒ Gora Station ⇒ Sounzan ⇒ Hakone Ropeway Owaya Station or Togendai ⇒ Hakone Ropeway Odawara Station * Approximately 60 minutes from Odawara Station

People who use "Hakone Tabidasuke(Hakone journey help Ticket)" (Seibu group)
Odawara station ⇒ Hakone Yumoto station ⇒ Owakudaniya (Izu Hakone bus: To Oyadakidana via Hakone garden or to the lake trail)
Position: Odawara Eastern Exit Bridge ⑤ J Line, Hakone Yumoto Station ① J Line
※ About 50 minutes from Odawara station (general rate is 1,100 yen), about 35 minutes from Hakone Yumoto (general rate is 860 yen)


Owakuchi Valley Hakone Ropeway Owakudani Station
Owakuchi Valley Hakone Ropeway Owakudani Station

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