Ashigara Toge(Ashigara Pass)


【Pass existing from the Kamakura period】

Ashigara Pass is a pass of the altitude 759m between Oyama Town in Shizuoka Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture Minamiashigara.

The sunset of Ashigori Pass
The sunset of Ashigori Pass

During the Kamakura period, Ashigara Kodo (Kanagawa Prefecture's Suruga Koyama, Beyond Gotemba to Numazu, the Tokaido Passage to Mishima (Kando = side street)) was used.

Until the Edo era, this Ashigara Kochi was the main way to go to Kyon until the current Tokaido Route beyond Hakone is made, it is called Old Tokaido.

In the days of Mr. Hojo, Ashigara Castle was built in the Ashigaru Pass which is the main point of the highway as a provision for Mr. Imagawa and Mr. Takeda, but now only the remains where the building existed in some places is left is.

The view of Mt. Fuji from this Ashigara Pass is exceptional and there is nothing to block, so Mt. Fuji approaching the front is overwhelmed.
The traveler of the Kamakura period also looked at this Mt. Fuji and thought that it was overwhelmed, it will be like a time slip.

To access here,
In the case of a car, descend at the Oimu Matsuda Inter in the Tomei Expressway, turn right at the Ryufukuji intersection on the prefectural road 78 to Daiyuzan station, and then climb the street along the Ashigara Highway. It is past Ashigara Manyo Park and it is soon.

* Ashigara pass is a famous training spot among road bikers (sports bicycle) enthusiasts (especially Hill climber), so on weekends the number of bicycles is large and the road is also narrow, so driving a car Please be careful enough.

Also, in the middle of the winter, Mt. Fuji looks very beautiful, but since there are times when the pass road to where you come here is frozen, you should change it to a studless tire in advance, or carry a chain I think that is good.

Mt. Fuji shooting point from Ashigori Pass
Mt. Fuji shooting point from Ashigori Pass

In case of train, take the Odawara station ⇒ Daiyuzan station (Daiyuzan line) 21 minutes × 270 yen, exit Daiyuzan station, move to the right side bus roundabout ④ number (walk), Daiyuzan station ⇒ go to Jizo Hall (Hakone Tozan Bus) About 27 minutes × 450 Yen (Bus to Jizo Hall is approximately 1 hours to 1 hours)

From the Jizo-do, I will climb the Ashigara-Kodo of the hiking course.
Jizo-do ⇒ Manyo Park (walk) Approximately 60 minutes × 2.6 km, Manyo Park ⇒ Ashigara Pass (walking) Approximately 10 minutes × 0.3 km

* In 4 month, 5 month, 10 month, and 11 month, there is a temporary service to Manyo Park during 8 and 12 eras.

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