Hakone Motomiya (Hakone Atsumi and others)


【Power Spot of the Sky】

One of Hakone's three major power spots (Hakone Jinja(Hakone Shrine), Kuzuryu Jinja(Nine-headed Dragon Shrine), Hakone Mototsumiya(Hakone Origin Shrine).

The Mototsumiya of Hakone Komagatake mountaintop was rebuilt as Xmuyuu of Hakone Shrine, 1964 year (Showa 39 year).

About 2400 years ago from now, in the era of the Emperor Godai Takaaki (Emperor Kosho), a sacred shrine opens the shrine temple on the summit of Komagatake and it is considered to be the beginning of rituals.

This company will be a hall, but there is no main shrine because Kamiyama is a theological body. There is a Kamiyama of the Shinto shrine at the end of the hall, and it is a shrine to worship Kamiyama.

It is called a horse descent stone which is stretching the strand of a rope, and it is reported as a rock where God entered on Hakuba descended. The hole on the stone is a hoof trace of a horse riding horse, a strange rock which is said that water accumulated in the hole never died.

Also on the right side of the approach road is the Bajyoseki(horse riding stone), leaving Hakuba's(White horse's) faith in it.

To this place, we will have access at Komagatake Ropeway in Hakone Garden. Hakoneen station ⇒ Komagatake mountaintop station (arrives at approximately 7 minutes)

As the weather is in the highland of the altitude 1356m, there are many fogs, the weather is as it is at that time, but on sunny days, you can see Lake Ashinoko, the Pacific Ocean beyond that, Mt. Fuji, very spectacular!

Mt. Fuji view from Komagatake mountaintop station
Mt. Fuji view from Komagatake mountaintop station

When looking up at the summit of Komagatake mountain from the Hakone Garden at the ropeway hall, we recommend that you do not ride the ropeway if it is in the clouds. Even if you go to the top of the mountain, just because there is a pure white world, I think that you will come back without seeing anything.

Also, at Komagatake Ropeway, we are holding a starlit sky observation night tour on specific days of 4 ~ 6 moon, 7 ~ 10 month, so it is recommended.


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