Hakone Yumoto Station


Long between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station due to damage caused by the eastern Japan typhoon (typhoon 2019) in October 10
Although it was closed for a period of time, the restoration work was completed, and commercial operation was resumed from the first train on July 7 (Thu/holiday).
In the Hakone area, the typhoon caused a great deal of damage, but the Hakone sightseeing tour route (Hakone Golden Course) was completely restored by restarting operation between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station.

* On the 2019 month 11 year of 15, access restrictions around Owakudani were lifted.
After about half a year, I was able to enjoy a walk outside Owakudani Station. As a result, heavy traffic on the road around Owakudani is expected, so it is recommended that people use the ropeway access at the Hakone Ropeway Togendai Station and Choshi Station parking lots. In addition, the Sounzan Station parking lot cannot be used due to damage from Typhoon 19.

[Hakone's gateway]

From Romance Car of Odakyu Electric Railway, Shinjuku arrives at Hakone at about 1 hours and half.

There are also many souvenir shops around Hakone Yumoto Station, so you will feel like sightseeing at once.

Especially during the morning of the congestion period (Golden Week, Bon Festival, Hydrangea / autumn leaves time weekend), when Romance car arrives at Hakone Yumoto Station, there are times when the home is crowded with people switching to Hakone climbing train,
The recommendation for entering the locality is to arrive at Hakone Yumoto Station before 9:00 AM.

I personally recommend you to move plan in the morning,
It is a plan to move slowly from the bus stop outside the station without using the "Hakone free pass" line up at the home of the Hakone Tozan Railway crowded after the arrival of the Romance Car at Hakone Yumoto Station.

Bus No. 4 to the Hakuhodo / Hakone-Higashi port (via the Hakone Old Road) bus runs on the old road with little traffic jam, so you can get out to Hakodate surely sooner than other lines. (Roughly, it operates at 30 minute intervals)

The bus stop isthis
By the way, between Hakone Yumoto and Miyanoshita, the probability of congestion is very high.

In the vicinity of Hakone Yumoto Station, there is a little healing space, such as the hydrangea bridge (in front of Yumoto Fujiya Hotel) and the sidewalk on Hayakawa Bankan, so I definitely want you to take a detour.

Hokkaido station Hokkaido standing in Hayakawa
Hokkaido station Hokkaido standing in Hayakawa

The shooting points that are close to the nearest to the Romance Car while driving are also near the station, so if you like train, come on.

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