Hakone Kuzuryu Jinja Hongu(Nine-headed Dragon Shrine-Main shrine)


【A mysterious shrine standing on a quiet lake side】

One of Hakone's three major power spots (Hakone jinjya, Hakone mototsumiya, Kuzuryu-jinjya hongu).

In the past, against the poisonous dragon with nine heads that had damaged the people, when the Masamaki superior built a stone dictate in the lake and prayed for relief, the poison dragon was transformed into a dragon and enshrined It is supposed to be the beginning.

Today, many people, not only prosperity but also guardian of money,Prosperous business,marriageIt is worshiped as a dragon god of Mr.

You cannot go to Kuzuryu Shrine main shrine by car or motorcycle. Access it as follows: * Visiting hours are 9: 00 to 17: 00 (final 17: 30 closes the gate), entrance fee for adults 500 yen, children 250 yen

① Private ship dedicated to worship departing from the port of Hakone
Only at the monthly festival of Kuzuryu Shrine held on the 13 day of every month, departs after 9 (reception is 7: 30 to 9: 30) boarding ticket 1,500 yen + prayer fee 2,000 yen or more

At the monthly festival, 1,000 worshipers (8 divided women) visit when there are many. Since the return ferry will not leave port until everyone's visit, the time to wait around the shrine is long and it may take up to noon.

Arboretum Pier (Hakone Kuroko Ryu Shrine main shrine)
Arboretum Pier (Hakone Kuroko Ryu Shrine main shrine)

② Walk from Hakone Garden
⇒ One way 20 minutes. If it is a day without a monthly festival, you can feel free to visit at your own pace. There are opinions that people on weekdays who do not mix many people's power can get power.

③ Bicycle rental from Hakone Garden
1 hour 500 yen, 2 hour 1,000 yen. If you're riding a bicycle, you can get there in about 5 one way. For those who want to worship slowly, 1 hour rentals may be a bit tough.

④ Motorboat from Hakone Garden
⇒ 2,000 Yen (Advance reservation from 2 name) Until the reception day is 14 time. Including worship service fee.
The recommendation is a motor boat.

You can go along the small pier behind Kyuuburu Shrine main shrine. Visiting from the lake side is a pretty valuable experience.

Taking pictures of the company and the torii on the lake side, if you make it look like usual, such as the standby image, there seems to be a benefit.
It seems to be good to take a picture of the torii like a stone at the bottom of the lake. Quite well, it will not fit unless it approaches the water surface while crouching, so please be careful not to drop the camera.

Benzaiten company seems to have many executives coming to the banquet of prosperous business.

Hakone Kuzuryu Jinja Hongu(Nine-headed Dragon Shrine-Main shrine)Benzaiten shrine
Hakone Kuzuryu Jinja Hongu(Nine-headed Dragon Shrine-Main shrine)Benzaiten shrine

Hakuryu Jinja(White Dragon Shine) near the Arboretum Pier has a white torii, and there is a different atmosphere and a sense of taste.

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