Hakone Kyukaido Ishidatami(Hakone Old Road Cobblestone)


【Ancient Traditional Road to the Edo Period】

The Hakone Old Road was a way to cross over Hakone in the Edo Period, a difficult place of the heavens known for "Hakone Yuri". (Hakone Yuri is said to have come down from the Odawara Hakone mouth, Urashi Ri to the Ashinoko shore, down to Xiangri to Mishima, it is told that it took a whole day with adult's feet)

This mountain road with many steep slopes was used as the official road of the shogunate in the early Edo period, but when rain and snow fell, it became a muddy till the shin, so at that time it was maintained in a modern cobblestone road.

Currently, from Udahama to Lake Ashinoko, the cobblestone stone pavement is preserved and maintained, and many people can take a walk while taking advantage of the then-timed faith.

By walking around the Old Road, the recommended route is to get off Odawara from Ashinoko side.
Even those who do not have much confidence in physical strength, I think that we can walk comfortably if this route has a lot of descent.

First of all, from the side of the first torii of Hakone Port, we will enter the old road.
Passing along the side of Kofukuin where the Hakone Shichigosan's Hotei God is enshrined, I will climb the stone pavement from Gokusaka.

In the stone pavement roads, in some places, there is a part without stones at the end, so I felt the end was easier to walk.


As a caveat in walking around the stone pavement,
Stone pavement is uneven, it is easy to slide and stepping foot off, so walking with sandals and crocs is better to stop.


In hiking and mountain climbing, it is manners to greet people who pass each other, but even in the cobbled stone pavement of this old road, we were able to walk with good greetings with the people who passed each other.

People who came from sightseeing from abroad also greeted me with "Hello" one after another in Japanese as I knew how to manners, so I was drawn to thinking carelessly.
⇒ Let 's have lots of greetings and make many people feel good!

Hakone Old Street Cobblestone Tenga Ishizaka
Hakone Old Street Cobblestone Tenga Ishizaka

Approximately 50 minutes after Nikozan, Tenga Ishizaka, Shirasuzaka, OwazakaAmazake Chaya(Sweet Sake Teahouse)Arrival in.
If you come this far, be sure to be an old traveler,Amazake Chaya(Sweet Sake Teahouse)Please take a break. ⇒ The details are this

On the way back, I will return to Hakone Port by bus from the bus stop (side across the road) in front of Amazake Chaya.
(The bus comes at 30 minute intervals, so please adjust the time while drinking alcohol)


Moreover, those who want to taste the feelings of people of those days and those who are confident in the physical strength, please try to cross this route called "Temple of the heaven" from Hiruga 's Milestones to Hakone Seki. (I felt comfortable at Monkeya slope, and I got on the bus (laugh))

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