Tamadareno Taki(Jade Blinds Waterfall)


【Power spot in famous hotel】

It is about a height of about 8m × width of about 11m in the garden of Tensenen (hotel) of Hakone Yumoto Onsen.

The lava of Hakone volcano which is easy to pass water is overlapped on the old stratum which is difficult to pass water, and the water flowing out between the 2 strata is a waterfall.

Pure water falling down seems to be called with this name because it is finely beautiful like "Tamasudare(Jade Blinds)". There is also a feature in the beauty of the sound of water, and the waterfall is decorated with flown novels.

There are other highlights in the garden of Tenseien as well.

① Tamadare Jinjya(Jade Blinds Shrine)
In the back of the garden, where you climbed between the two waterfalls, there is "Tamadare Jinja(Jade Bulinds Shrine)" (founded in the Edo period), the only branch office of the Hakone Jinja(Hakone Shrine) / Kuzuryu Jinja(Nine-headed Dragon Shrine).
Hakone God and Kuzuryu God are enshrined and have been worshiped as a company of marriage, no disease and disaster, and as the company of the guardian god of this land.

② Hien no Taki(Flying smoke waterfall)
About height 20m × width About 10m waterfall, "smoke" has the meaning of "smoke", as its name suggests, the splash of water is like a splash of splash of splash. Compared with the Takaru Falls, the strength is felt.

③ idols ducks
・ Kure-chan (♀), Machiko (♂), Genki (♀), Haruo (♂)
Very friendly friends ducks. There was a duck house in the park.
As I said "just retire" just next to me taking a picture of the waterfall, I was walking in the staaster (haha)

Tenseien is a very popular hotel with tourist facilities in addition to hot springs, meals and accommodation facilities. I have stayed at 2 times, but my feeling of hospitality was perfect and it was impressive. Especially, roof top open-air bath and meal is the best!

By the way, those who do not stay at the hotel can also sightsee for free above. (For cars, parking lot (30 minutes × 500 yen only))


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