Michinoeki Hakone Toge(Road Station Hakone Pass)


【Road oasis of superb view overlooking the mountains of Hakone】

Road Station Hakone Pass is "Route Station" of National Highway 1 in Hakone Town.
From Hakone Sekiguchi, heading toward Mishima, it is near to join Hakone Shin-dang.

Road Station · Hakone Pass
Road Station · Hakone Pass

I do not understand it from the front side (road side) of the building of "Road Station" at first glance,
The backdrop of the building is a spectacular view over Lake Ashinoko and the mountains of Hakone.

Even if we have good weather, I think that there is worth coming, even if we look at the scenery.


However, the facility is small and there is not much glamorous like "popular" roadside station ", so people who want to enjoy the meal think that it is better to go back to Hakodate.


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