Yuhino taki(Sunset waterfall)


【Kintaro's Falls】

Tributary of the Sakawagawa river, the fall falling on the Uchikawa 23m, the fall of the width 5m.
It is said that Kintaro is a waterfall with hot spring water.

※ "Kintaro" is a Japanese old story, a very famous person. Born in Minamiashigara today, he is a person who is said to have played with sumo wrestling with a bear, becoming an adult and exterminating alcohol drunko (demon).


It seems that the name of the sunset falls was named from "the beauty that shines on the sunset" or "the sun sets in the waterfall".

Yuhino taki(Sunset waterfall)
Yuhino taki(Sunset waterfall)

Crossing the river from the parking lot in the campground, as you climb the mountain path, a waterfall will come to the back of the small hall.

As I approached the waterfall, I felt that the space around me was filled with negative ions, surrounded by the sound that the water hit and a fine splash of water.
The closer you get to the waterfall, the better your feet will be, so be careful.

It is not a famous large waterfall, but instead you can get quite close, so the power of looking up is quite amazing!

Yuhino taki(Sunset waterfall)
Yuhino taki(Sunset waterfall)

Children who came to the campsite below were struck by a waterfall while having fun while playing in the water. (Adults who are watching have smoked)


Actually, I am performing a waterfall line where general people can participate, for the purpose of mental training, refreshment, health etc. (It is often introduced also on TV programs)

It is not like advertising a specific religion or doctrine, because the instructor guides it sideways, since there is little danger, it seems that one person or even a woman can feel free to join.
⇒ If you are interested,This way

From the Jizado, on the left side of the way up to the sunset falls,
There is a place sung in a nursery rhyme that collects the beasts in the mountains of the Ashihito Mountains and is a sumo wrestler, and there are Kintaro play stones 'headstone' and 'oko stone' still exist I will. (Unfortunately, the birthplace is gone)

"Headstone" (left back) and "octopus" (right front)
"Headstone" (left back) and "octopus" (right front)

To access here,

In the case of a car, descend at the Oimu Matsuda Inter in the Tomei Expressway, turn right at the Yonukuji intersection on the prefectural road 78 to Ojeonsan station, and then climb the street along the Ashigaru Highway.

Turn left at the intersection with a covered wooden signboard "Welcome to Kintaro's Home to Minami-Ashigara City" on the left side of the street to the Jizo Hall.

When further going up from the narrow road next to Jizo-do, "Sunset waterfall bungalow", "ezBBQ COUNTRY"There is a parking lot. It is about 5 minutes from there.

There is a space where the parking lot can stop around 15 level. In addition, this place is also the entrance to the Kim climbing mountain path.
In the case of a bus,From Oizuyama station, take the Hakone climbing bus to Jizodo and get off at 25 "Jizo Hall". From there, it is about 10 minutes on foot.

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