Kyukaido suginamiki(Hakone Old Road Avenue of Cedars)


[Cedar trees continuing since the Edo period]

A beautiful cedar trees of about 500m, continuing from the former Hakone-Hakone line of Lake Ashinoko to Hakone Imperial Park.

Cedar planted in the Old Road in the early Edo Period, even when 400 years passed, still protects travelers from the strong sun in summer and the cold wind in winter.

There are trees with about 400 books in which there are big trees around the trunk 4 meters and branches with strange shapes, and their appearance varies.

The scenery of the highway that represents Hakone remains, and 1 one of the places where the atmosphere of the old Tokaido is felt.

Because it is not a crowded tourist spot, you can walk comfortably while walking slowly at your own pace.

I was overwhelmed by the size and number of cedars, I felt that I got the power of the trees.

Hakone Old Road Cedar trees
Hakone Old Road Cedar trees

To access here,

In the case of a car, I stopped at a pay parking lot at Hakone Imperial Park (normal car 310 yen / 1 hours), and it is a short walk.

In case of train, from Hakone Yumoto Station Hakone Tozan Bus (K Route) Approximately 35 minutes "Mae Hakone Harbor" Get off at the bus stop immediately.


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