Amidaji(Amida Temple)


【Hydrangea Temple】

Wood ceremonial priest at the beginning of the Edo period: a saint (Tansei) The pilgrimage mountain temple which the citizen opened.

※ Wood meal (Mokujiki): A monk who was trained to eat only nuts and grass, avoiding fire and carnivorous, called cereal break.

※ Monkey who travels (Yugyoso): A monk who did not settle in the temple, edited the countries and edited the method.

The superstitute practiced in a cave in the middle of the Temple peak during 9 years from Keicho 1604 year (6 year) and opened Amida Temple.

Amidaji is a temple of Zojoji temple located in Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, which is a family temple of the Tokugawa family.


38 Kaisei Mizuno Kenimasa A branch who planted one stock at a time, now crosses the 3,000 stock, when it comes around 6 lunar month to 7 mid month, it is famous for many people as "Hydrangea" as it colors the mountain path to the main hall It is.

Amidaji and hydrangea
Amidaji and hydrangea

In addition, your occupation is famous as a biwa player, and if five or more people gather, it seems that you can listen to Biwa's performance and lecture.
(Biwa performance + lecture story + matcha + with sweets: 1,000 yen)


Above the entrance of the main hall is the "Hyakumenbang Falun Gong" (beaded car) hanging over it.

It is said that it was built in the XNUMXth year of the Tenmei, and it is said that there is the same merit as having spent a round and reciting Hannyashinkyo(Buddhist literature) a thousand times.


Amida Temple is also famous as the temple of the Imperial Woman Yukari.

Princess Kazunomiya is a former officer of the Edo shogunate X NUMX deputy general, who was bastard with beriberi, was taken care of in Hakone Tono Suzaku Shuinrou, 14 years old It is deceased at the youth of.

At that time, the temple temple of Tonosawa, Tonosawa who was the temple of Shogo and Zojoji temple of the Tokugawa shogunate, took hold of the night and the funeral at this Amida Temple prior to the funeral of Kazunomiya, It became a temple where you dedicate the bronze statue).

Amida Temple Aoi's Mido (Mother of the Imperial Women's Palace dedicated to the tile)
Amida Temple Aoi's Mido (Mother of the Imperial Women's Palace dedicated to the tile)


The heart-attracted stone and buddha seen in Amidaji


To access here,

By car: Take the national highway 1 line Hakone Yumoto station to the mountain side, pass the forest adventure · Hakone and immediately. As I climb up "Onnazaka", there is a parking lot where 8 units can be parked in the precincts.

By train: From Tonosawa Station, Hakone Tozan Railway, 20 minutes walk.


There are 2 one approach to Amidaji Temple.
① Men's slope with stone and wooden stairs on a steep slope. There is a mountain gate on the way.

② The road width is narrow, but the women's slope which is a paved road. I can go up by car.

Amidaji Girls entrance
Amidaji Girls entrance

Where I climbed Manosaka,
I just saw the people traveling by foreigners traveling from Amimda Temple, where the priests who passed by the car let me sit down and send them down to the bottom.

I was able to tell the kind personality of your occupation.


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