Kosui matsuri(Lake Water festival)


【Celebration of Nine-headed Dragon God】

Lake Ashinoko's guardian god, "Lake Water Festival", a celebration of Nine-headed Dragon God, is held every 7 month 31 days.

Kosui matsuri(Lake Water festival)It is,Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu(Daimyo procession),Hakone Gora Summer FestivalIs one of the three major festivals in Hakone.

After the ceremony on the garden at Hakone Shrine, only one person at Hakone shrine chief priest who went on the Gokusen(Offering ship)went to the Lake center and provided a gift (Red rice:Three Syo + Three Go + Three Syaku ※Syo,Go,Syaku:Weight unit of rice, approximately XNUMX*XNUMX+XNUMX*XNUMX+XNUMX*XNUMX = XNUMX g) to the Nine-headed Dragon God It is a special shrine.

Lake Festival Gokufune(Offering ship)
Lake Festival Gokufune(Offering ship)

The place to offer the offering is a top secret item that only the generous shrine knows, and he seems to have to return without looking back when submitting offerings.

I was taught by the elderly,
In the past, it seems that there was a case that red bean that I had given was floating on the surface of the lake.

It is 1923 year (Taisho 12 year).
It seems that the Great Kanto Earthquake occurred on 1 month 9 day after 1 month, and great damage occurred around Lake Ashi.

It is a mysterious episode hidden in a rigorous festival.

Hundreds of lanterns are flushed and fireworks from 4,000 are launched after the owning ship comes out on the lake.

Lake Festival fireworks display
Lake Festival fireworks display

The fireworks launched from the raft floating in the lake are quite close, so it looks like a big wheel and the explosion sound is big and it is very powerful.

On the lake side, the "Taiko Festival" where the local drums and accompaniments and the Wako Taiko group playing an active part in the whole country gather together is also held, so this one is also worth seeing.

There are also many night shops and you can enjoy the summer festival feeling.

It was not a crowd of intense crowds like fireworks at Sumida River and Tamagawa River, so we enjoyed enjoying it with clear space.

The buses on the way back lined up, but it is totally within the permissible range compared to big events in downtown Tokyo.

It is awesome to stay at a lakeside hotel and enjoy this festival.

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