Sengokuhara Susuki Sogen(Prairie of Japanese pampas grass)

Gilded prairie

From early October to late November, the Sengokuhara Susuki Sogen(Prairie of Japanese pampas grass) becomes a pale golden grassy field.

Sengokuhara Susuki steppe promenade
Sengokuhara Susuki steppe promenade

From the young grass color in the summer, as autumn deepens, it gradually turns into a glowing silver color, and the ears open and change to a pale golden grassland.

The promenade of the Sengokuhara Susuki Sogen(Prairie of Japanese pampas grass) is a single road of a gradual slope.

As I walked on the boardwalk, I felt like drifting in the ocean of Susuki(Japanese pampas grass).

Until the mid way through the road, it is relatively easy to walk on the gravel road, but in the second half small rocks are uneven, so you need to be careful with your feet carefully. (It is a bit dangerous with sandals)

Also, every year from the middle of the month to the end of the month 3, the mountain bakery is done to prevent the number of miscellaneous trees from increasing in the Susuki steppe.

I also would like to introduce it on the blog again.

Access to here

In the case of a car

There is a free "Sengokuhara 75 tourist temporary parking lot" near the Sengokuhara water purification center on the opposite side across the prefectural road 1, but it is crowded even during the season during the season.

Especially on the weekend, it will be a heavy traffic jam for the parking lot so I think that it is good to move by bus on a nearby toll parking lot (500 yen) or on the peach saucer table.

In case of train

· From Hakone Yumoto Station Hakone Tozan Bus Tomoi Station Line (T Route) Approximately 30 minutes "Sengoku Takahara" Bus stop right down

In addition, the "Sengokuhara Susuki bus" will also be operated on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only in early 10 to early 11 month.

"Sengoku Susuki Bus" is a route bus that connects Gora Station of Hakone Tozan Railway and Susukihara's Susuki Prairie (Bus Stop: Sengoku Takahara) directly.

(7 train bound for Tōkosha station from Gora station and 8 trips to Taiga station from Taoyuan Tai)

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