Taikanzan Tenbo-enchi(Mt.Taikanzan Observing Garden)

Large panorama spreading at altitude 1,011m!

Here is a place where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Ashinoko, Outer ring mountain, and Mt. Fuji.

On the west side of the Hakone Odawara Main Line of Hakone Turnpike, this magnificent view is spreading behind the Sky Lounge.

By the way, you do not have to board the Hakone Turnpike (toll road), you can access from the camellia line on the Hakone Official residence side (prefectural road XNUMX line) and Hakone-shindo (national highway XNUMX line) on the general road to the Sky Lounge.
(Free use of skylan parking lots and rest facilities)

Weather-friendly weekends visit a lot of bikers and drivers who enjoy touring.

Aside from that,
Hakone Turnpike Co., Ltd., which manages and operates the Hakone Turnpike, which is a toll road, carries out naming rights (naming rights) on the road, and when the company acquires the name of the road changes.

2007 Year 3 Month - 2014 Year 7 Month: TOYO TIRES Turnpike
2014 Year 8 Month - 2017 Year 7 Month: MAZDA Turnpike Hakone
2018 Year 3 Moon - Present: Annestave Watanabe Turnpike Hakone

Also, in turnpike, there are times when it will be reserved & closed to traffic at motor events such as sports events such as marathons and bicycles, promotion of not-yet-released vehicles.

Recently, 2018 10 Mon, Moto GP world champion: Marc MarquezMoving on a motorcycle (Honda RC213V)Well, it was taken here on the turnpike.

Taikanzan Tenbo-enchi(Mt.Taikanzan Observing Garden) Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi

Anyway it is worth a look.
The time of autumn leaves is even more spectacular.

Mt. Obayama Observing garden Mt. Fuji and Suzuki

Hot coffee (280 yen) to drink at the Sky Lounge looking at Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji during the cold season is tasty at its best.

Taikanzan Tenbo-enchi(Mt.Taikanzan Observing Garden)
Taikanzan Tenbo-enchi(Mt.Taikanzan Observing Garden)

Access to here

In case of train

From Hakone-yumoto station Hakone mountain bus (H route) Approx 38 minutes Get off at the former Hakone port stop, get off at Yugawara station and get off about 10 minutes "Taikanzan" bus stop right away

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