Matsuda Twinkle Festa)


[Co-op of dusk and illumination]

Every year, during the period from 11 / 23 to 12 / 25, the evening of the Nishihira Hatake Park in Matsuda Town is wrapped in gorgeous illumination.
(In 2019 year, 1 / 12 (Saturday)-14 (Monday / Holiday) is limited to 3 days, with relighting)

Matsuda Twinkle Festa (Nishihira Hatake Park)
Matsuda Twinkle Festa (Nishihira Hatake Park)

Illumination is lit from 17 until 21, but it is recommended at dusk.

During this period, the illumination lights up when the magic hour (the sky at dusk looks so beautiful) visits, so you can enjoy both fantastic scenery and illumination.

Nishiheira park is on the slope of Mt. Matsuda (altitude 568m) overlooking the Ashigara plain. You can see the outer rings of Mt. Hakone and Mt. Fuji and Oshima with good weather.

There were various ornate illumination, children were delighted.

Matsuda Twinkle Festa (Nishihira Hatake Park)
Matsuda Twinkle Festa (Nishihira Hatake Park)

In the evening, it will be quite chilly so do not forget measures against cold.
For those who have gone cold, we recommend you to eat warm udon with restaurants in the herb garden or stall village next to the herb garden (with big tent upholstery), so it is recommended.

Matsuda mountain herb garden
Matsuda mountain herb garden

The admission fee for this is free, but only when you come by car, the parking lot cost will cost 500 yen (you can park to 70 level)

Access to here
· Odakyu Odawara Line 25 minutes from Shin Matsuda Station North Exit (820 yen by taxi from Shin Matsuda Station)
· JR Gotemba Line from Matsuda Station North Exit 20 minutes
* If you walk, I will climb Mt. Matsuda by stairs, so I need a bit of physical strength.

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