Ishigakiyama Ichiyajo Castle(Overnight Castle) Historical Park


【Special place to connect with Toyotomi Hideyoshi】

Ishigakiyama was originally called "Kasagakeyama", but Tensho 18 year (1590 year) Toyotomi Hideyoshu surrounded Mr. Hojo in Odawara with a large group of amphibious 15 million, and as its main point It is now called "Ishigakiyama" because it built a total stone wall castle.

When Toyotomi Hideyoshi built a fence and a tower framework in the forest of the summit at the time of the castle, she looked like a white wall by putting out a blank sheet, cut down surrounding trees overnight, and watched it Odawara castle in the castle Was surprised and lost his morale, it came to be called "Ishigakiyama overnight castle" or "Taiko one night castle".

However, in fact, a total of 4 people were mobilized, and it took about 18 days from April 4 to April 6 to build a castle.
When I was watching a number of stone walls that still remained, I was surprised that at that time, it was well done with manual labor in 80 days.

Ishigakiyama overnight castle has 261.5m at the highest point of the castle table.
Under the eyes, the Ashigara plain and Sagami Nada spread, and in the distance you can also wish for the Miura Peninsula and Boso Peninsula.

View of Sagami Bay from Ishigakiyama overnight castle monument
View of Sagami Bay from Ishigakiyama overnight castle monument

Ishigakiyama overnight castle is 227m higher than Odawara castle's main bullet and the distance to Odawara Castle is only close to 3km so you can look over Odawara Castle and its castle and it is best suited for Odawara Castle Siege Army's command It can be said that it was a place.

View of Sagami Bay from Ishigakiyama overnight castle, castle stand mark
View of Sagami Bay from Ishigakiyama overnight castle, castle stand mark

Near the entrance of this Ishigakiyama overnight castle historical park, there is that "Yoroizuka Farm overnight".

It is a shop of a famous pastry shop Toshihiko Yoroizuka (a husband of an actress Kawashima Naomi who passed away) in a restaurant aiming for local production and disappearance and a patisserie and burgundy (bread) · direct shop.

It is recommended to have excellent sweets and coffee here after seeing Ishigakiyama overnight castle historic park.
(The restaurant is always crowded, so reservation is essential for lunch)

Access to here
· In case of train
From JR Hayakawa station through Ishigakiyama farm road, about 40 minutes on foot
About 50 minutes walk from Hakone Tozan Railway entrance station

* Ishigakiyama farm road is a course of "Hayakawa / Kataura Walking Trail", an explanation board that briefly summarizes the life of the warriors who participated in Ishigakiyama is also set up, and you can stroll while touching history.

Still, because Ishigakiyama farm road is quite steep uphill, those who do not have confidence in leg strength will recommend a taxi (about 8 minutes) from the station.

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