【500 yearly, temple mourning for Hojo Five Era】

Sounji is an ancient temple (historic temple) of the Daitokuji Faction of Rinzai sect.
It was founded by Hojo-Ujitsuna(the son of Hojo Soun)Taiei first year (1521).

Sounji Temple main temple building
Sounji Temple main temple building

Although it prospered as a family temple of the Odawara Hojo family, it became the headquarters of Hideyoshi Toyotomi who crossed Hakone on April 18, Tensei 1590 (4), when the Ishigakiyama overnight castle was completed in the end of June, it was struck a fire, at that time the Zen temple one of the best in Kanto was lost once. After that, it was revived by Monk's Kikukei in Kanei 5 (6).

There is a large old bell tower on the left side of the mountain gate, which is said to have been used for the overnight castle of Mt. Ishigaki when Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacked Mr. Hojo against Odawara.

Bai Temple and Bell Bell (Choshu Bell)
Sounji Temple bell tower

It is said that the town of Hakone Yumoto originally started as Temple Town of Sounji.
The present temple has been after the reconstruction of the Edo period, but many cultures that surpass the culture of the Warring States era and the Edo period, including the Hojo Godai's image, are transmitted.

Currently, in Sounji Temple there is a garden that is said to be the work of Hojo Nagatsuna (Alias,Hojo Genan: the third son of Hojo Soun), which was famous as a cultural person representing the Warring States Period, and in addition to remaining a garden of Karesansui(Dry landscape rock garden), Tomb of the Hojo Five Generations, cultural assets such as 'Hojo soun Statue' (National Designated Important Cultural Asset) are preserved.

Hojo Five generations

① Hojo Soun (1432 ~ 1519)
Mr. Ise Shinkuronagauji, a popular name. Warlords who represent the early Sengoku period. Begging from Kyoto to Imagawa family in Suruga, I caught Izu, Sagami in and opened the curtain of independence and warring States era. It died at Izu Nirayama. He was 88

② Hojo Ujitsuna (1486 - 1541)
Following the will of Father Soun, advance to Shimofusa in Musashi. We expanded the territory of Mr. Hojo Odawara. He was 56

③ Hojo Ujiyasu (1515 to 1571)
It destroyed Ougigayatsu Uesugi family, demonstrated excellent skill in domestic management by preventing advance to Kanto, Takeda Shingen of Kai and Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo. He was 57

④ Hojo Ujimasa (1538 - 1590)
Mrs. Oubaiin is a daughter of Takeda Shingen. Covering the western part of Shingen, after its death, cooperated with Oda Nobunaga and was burdened by Takeda. Eventually lost to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. and he was seppuku. He was 53

⑤ Hojo Ujinao(1562 to 1591)
The wife is Tokuhime, princess of the daughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Utsunomiya family of Shimono was dropped, forming Odawara Hojo's largest territory. He took the Nagurumi Castle of Sanada Masayuki in Ueno and defeats Hideyoshi and loses. It flows to Koyasan by the assistance of Ieyasu. He was 30

Sounji Temple bell tower
Sounji Temple bell tower

The natural forest behind the temple (Sounji Temple forest) is an evergreen broadleaved forest mainly composed of Sujidai, and designated as a natural treasure in the prefecture / town as a habitat for the endangered species of Himeharuzemi(cicada).

6 From the end of the month to the middle of the middle of the month 7, this cicada chorus has become a scene of early summer dusk of Sounji, and the early 7 event " Looking for a Himeharuzemi's shell observation" is recommended for the family.

Dusk of Sounji Temple
Dusk of Sounji Temple

Since 11 days of 3 early in the month, Fusumae(picture) and Temple treasure of the main hall is made public, we recommend you to visit along with the Hakone Daimyo matrix of 11 moon 3 days.

There is no entrance fee. However, the admission fee of the Temple treasure exhibition to be released in the first three days of 11 month is 500 yen for adults.

Access to here
<In case of train>
· 15 minutes walk from Hakone Yumoto Station
· From Hakone Yumoto Station Hakone Tozan Bus (K Route) Approximately 3 minutes "Hayumo Park front" Get off at the bus stop immediately.

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