Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu(Daimyo procession)


[I want to participate because it is good at once!
A gorgeous daimyo procession of 170 people in all] 

The autumnal leaves coloring 11 Moon 3 day, old Tokaido of Hakone, Daimyo who dressed as a daimyo, a princess, a servant, walks round.

Hakone Daimyo procession Hair spear
Hakone Daimyo procession Hair spear

The Hakone Daimyo processionKosui matsuri(Lake Water festival),Hakone Gora Summer FestivalIs one of the three major festivals in Hakone.

<Daimyo Matrix>
During the Edo period, when Daimyo made official excursions such as a private branch exchange, it was a line of preparations for the number of people and equipments according to the formalities.

Every year, it was to go back and forth between the local clan and the Edo where his wife and children were "hostages". Because it required a lot of expenses, there was a purpose of the Edo shogunate to reduce the financial strength of Daimyo.

On the other hand, he seems to have enjoyed the eyes of the people living along the road by wearing luxurious kimonos and carrying tools decorated more than necessary.

Daimyo procession, from the beginning,

① Tsuyuharai ・ ・ ・ Lead the party while raising a voice saying "below, below (order passersby to sit down on the ground)"  
② Rokusyaku(quarterstaff)· · · a husband who follows chores
③Scissors box: A valet carrying a wooden box with a black-painted fixed crest that contains clothes and toseigusoku for the main change of clothes.  
④ Hair spear ・ ・ ・ Swing a ceremonial spear (decorated with bird feathers on the pod)  
⑤ Bow ・ ・ ・ A valet who holds a bow  
⑥ Gun ・ ・ ・ A valet who carries a gun  
⑦ Samurai (Kachi): A samurai who is a pioneer of the procession on foot (a graduate who guards the daimyo)  
⑧ Kosho: A samurai who is close to a daimyo and does personal chores  
⑨ Daimyo · · · The leader who is the protagonist of this matrix (a samurai who reports directly to the Edo Shogunate, which owns over XNUMX Goku of rice)
⑩ Karo(chief retainer)... the most superior among the vassals, under the supervision of the family, to prime the family affairs
⑪ Daimyo Kago ・ ・ ・ A valet carrying a vehicle carrying a daimyo (the part where a person sits is hung on a single rod, and multiple people carry the rod from the front and back)  
⑫ Oku maid: A maid who served in the back of the daimyo's clan's residence (where the wife's wife lives in the daimyo's castle) and in the back of Edo Castle.  
⑬ Waist ・ ・ ・ A maid who serves a high-ranking person and does chores  
⑭ Long-lasting ・ ・ ・ A valet carrying a rectangular wooden box used for storing clothes and bedding  

In addition, the marching band of elementary school student, high school student, society people and the geisha of hot spring town parade, and it becomes a gorgeous line of about XNUMX people in all.

Course of Hakone Daimyo procession (2018)
Start near Yumoto Elementary School ⇒ Hakusan Shrine ⇒ Yumoto Nakajuku ⇒ Soga Dojo ⇒ Hotel Nanpuso ⇒ Hotel Okada ⇒ Ayumi Bridge ⇒ Tensei Garden ⇒ Hakone Barks Yoshino ⇒ Hakoneji Kaiun ⇒ Hot Spring Entrance (Chimoto) ⇒ Hakone Yumoto Station ⇒ Yumoto Ohashi ⇒ Yumoto Fujiya hotel goal

Daimyo matrix 2019

Because the area around Hakone Yumoto station on the day will be quite crowded, people watching the Daimyo procession are better off if they wish to visit the place they wanted to see and the expected passing time.

The point to be noted is that if you forbid the passage of the Daimyo procession, you can not overtake the Daimyo procession from behind (regulation entered by the director)

Therefore, if you want to see it in a different place even after seeing the Daimyo procession, you need to take one of the methods of passing the Daimyo procession at each facility during a break or proceeding from another detour.

Highlight of the Daimyo procession
① Costumes and accessories different depending on the role

② Odawara Hojo Teppo-syu Demonstration of a fire guns

③ Geisha in kimono

Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu(Daimyo procession)
Hakone geisha parade

④ Guest of the entertainer

The guest in 2018 was a former Yokozuna talent Taira Hanada.
To my brother about elementary school student who happened to see the Daimyo procession by chance, he said "Brothers get along!" An intimate personality appeared.

In 2019, Shingo Yanagisawa!

Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu(Daimyo procession)
Young shrine

⑤ Marching band

Hakone Yumoto Tourist Association is recruiting general participation (about 80 name) every year, so if you are interested, why do not you apply for it? (Application deadline is 10 month 3 day)

Access to here
<In case of train>
Walk from Hakone Yumoto Station on 10 ~ 20 minutes

<For cars>
On the day around Hakone Yumoto station, there is no temporary parking lot associated with the Daimyo procession, and there are also many traffic restrictions, so it is absolutely better to use the parking lot around Odawara station a bit in front.

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