Ashigara Pass, Pipe Festival


【Festival that appreciates the heart that inherits tradition】

Beginning in Showa 47 year, it is a festival held jointly by Minamiashigara and Shizuoka Prefecture Oyama Town on the second Sunday of September every year.

Ashigara Pass Pipe Festival, Pipe memorial service
Ashigara Pass Pipe Festival, Pipe memorial service

When Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu campaigning as a master of the sho (Sho: a traditional Japanese wind instrument resembling, panpipes1 of wind instruments used in Gagaku etc) in the Heian era warlords, when camping at Ashigara Pass, the secret of Sho was given to Toyohara Tokiaki, the son of the teacher, A festival originating from a story that it was said to have done.

Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu has come to Ashigara Pass to support his brother, Hachiman Taro Yoshiie, who went to Oshu by [the role of the latter three years:Eiho 3 year (1083 year) ~ first year of Kanji (1087 year)], Yoshimitsu thought that he might die of the battle, and took the son of Toyohara Tokimoto, Tokiaki, who gave the whistle to the greatest extent, sitting on the big stone of Ashigara Pass and teaching the secret of the pipe of the Sho. And it is told that Toyohara Tokiaki has returned to Kyoto.

Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu ··· alias: Minamoto Yoshimitsu is a warrior of the late Heian period.
Master of Sho who was able to make martial arts such as archery, equestrian, akito jujutsu of old martial arts. Warrior of both sides.

Toyohara Tokimoto · · · Gagaku musicians(Japanese court music) in the late Heian period.
Master of Shoro Saburo Yoshimitsu, a teacher of the emperor Horikawa's sho.

Toyohara Tokiaki · · · Aristocrats and musicians of the late Heian period.
Following Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu, Sagami Country Ashigara offering accompanying to the battlefield, Yoshimitsu was committed to tell the secret song to future generations, accepting the persuasion of Yoshimitsu inevitably and returning back to Kyoto.

Ashigara Pass Pipe Festival, Pipe memorial service
Ashigara Pass Pipe Festival, Pipe memorial service

Until now, because there was no opportunity to hear the sound of Sho live, it was very exciting.
If I could hear this sound at Ashigori Pass of the moon, it seems to be the most impressed.


In addition to the ceremony of Pipe memorial service, drums and Sho, dance, fireworm guns, sword dance etc. are announced

In addition, it is also a wonderful tug-of-war battle between both local municipal elementary school students who contend for the territory of Ashigara Castle Ruins Square, which is an annual event. The winner can take the Ashigara plaza here as a territory until the next whistle festival.

Ashigara Pass, Pipe Festival
Ashigara Pass, Pipe Festival

Access to here
<In case of train>
Odawara station ⇒ Daiyuzan station (Daiyuzan line) 21 minutes × 270 yen, exit Daiyuzan station, move to the right side bus rotary ④ number stop (walk), get off at Daiyuzan station ⇒ Jizo-do Hall at the end point (Hakone-tozan bus) Approximately 27 minutes × 450 yen (Bus to Jizo Hall is 1 books on approximately 1 hours)

From the Jizo-do, I will climb the Ashigara-Kodo of the hiking course.
Jizo-do ⇒ Manyo Park (walk) Approximately 60 minutes × 2.6 km, Manyo Park ⇒ Ashigara Pass (walking) Approximately 10 minutes × 0.3 km

※ 4 Month · 5 Month · 10 Month · 11 Month will be operated temporarily at Daiyuzan station → Manyo Park, during 8 time and 12 era. Also, on the day of the Pipe festival, a temporary bus also operates from Suruga Oyama station on the Gotemba Line.


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