Ichiya-jyo Matsuri(Overnight castle Festival)


【Festival to be familiar to many armor warriors】

Anniversary castle festival "based on the episode related to the Odawara battle will be held on the setting of Ishigakiyama Ichiya-jyo Castle which became the center of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's unification of the universe every Sunday in the late 10 month.

Overnight castle festival Ninomaru (Umaya-kuruwa: stable compound) trace
Overnight castle festival Ninomaru (Umaya-kuruwa: stable compound) trace

In those days, in addition to experiencing the Ruler 's tea ceremony, various performances can be enjoyed, following the fact that Hideyoshi hosted a tea ceremony here.

  • Japanese drum performance
  • Armor Mai(dance) "Hojo"
  • Commemorative photo taken by ruler Hideyoshi and Ieyasu
  • Toyotomi vs Hojo Armored Muffler Showdown
  • Sengoku Romantic Concert
  • Armor performance
  • ruler's tea party experience and others
One night castle festival Left: Mr. Yasunari Aoki of Tokugawa Ieyasu role (local Hayakawa representative) Right: Mr. Yoshitel Hasegawa of the Toyotomi Hideyoshi role (Talent · History Navigator)

The real thrill of this festival is to be able to see people with a lot of armor as familiar.
"Hojo handmade armor corps"People are wearing their own armor and going out.

Overnight Castle Festival Armor Warrior
Overnight Castle Festival Armor Warrior

Although I do not know from the appearance, this armor is said to be made of cardboard and cardboard. Just because the material is different from the real one, the way to make it was received from the designated armor of Japan Armor Weapons Preservation Association, and it was made in the same way as those at the time.

People of the armored team can feel free to pick up photography and talk with them, so I felt it at the home festival.

Access to here
<In case of train>
From JR Hayakawa station through Ishigakiyama farm road, about 40 minutes on foot
About 50 minutes walk from Hakone Tozan Railway entrance station

Only the festival day There is shuttle bus service from JR Hayakawa Station · Hakone Tozan Line Hakone Itabashi Station.
Price: 1 times Adult 200 yen Elementary school student 100 yen

Just a cosmos of Ishigakiyama farm road was nearly at peace.
I think that it is good to go walking while watching cosmos on the way back to the station.

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