Jizo-do(Temple hall with a Kshitigarbha)


【Hakone Outer Round Mound Hiking Base】

There used to be a temple called Senkoji Temple, but it seems that only the temple remains, and it is now the Jizo-do(temple hall with a Kshitigarbha).

Framed picture of Jizo-do
Framed picture of Jizo-do

Jizo-do is the terminal station of Hakone Tozan Bus, and it is reported that Kintaro is a waterfall with hot spring waterSunset waterfall and Kintaro play stoneThere are sights such as sightseeing in the surroundings.

It is also used for many hikers as a departure point for Ashigaramanyo Park, Ashigara Pass, Mt. Kintokiyama, Mt. Myojingatake, Mt. Yagurasawadake hiking course.

Hiker visiting Jizo-do
Hiker visiting Jizo-do

At Mt.Kintokiyama hiking, after the lunch, people climbing down to Sengoku in Hakone crowded the mountain climbing roads, so the route to descend to this Minami-ashigara side is a little way out.

There are free parking places & toilets where private cars are sufficiently stopped in the immediate vicinity of Jizo-do, so many people enjoy hiking by car.

Ashigara Kodo Manyo Udon nearby is very famous locally and you can taste authentic Kagawa udon. Curry Udon, Zaru Udon, Oden are exquisite!
To stop by the time the bus comes home, stop by here!

Ashigara Fudo Mio Man Udon (opposite Jizo-do)
Ashigara Fudo Mio Man Udon (opposite Jizo-do)
  • business hours; Monday - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and The day before the holiday:11:30〜19:00 Sunday and public holidays:11:00〜19:00
  • Closed: Every Thursday
  • Price: curry udon 920 yen, ZARU Udon 500 Yen, Oden in 1 book 130 Yen
Access to here

<In case of train>
From Odakyu Odawara line's Shin-Matsuda station and from the front bus Rotary,
⇒ Bus stop No.XNUMX, Sekimoto / (via Sekimoto) Fujifilm Nishimon / (via Sekimoto) Jizo-do  
* 8 books are operated at 9, 10, 1 time units at a time.

From the Daiyuzan station, take the terminal point of the Daiyuzan line and get off the bus roundabout (Sekimoto) on the right, by the Hakone Tozan Bus
⇒ Arrival of 4 number to Uchiyama / Jizo-do * Please be careful not to board the bus whose destination is "Uchiyama" as it only goes halfway. (Via Uchiyama is OK)
※ The number is 1 ~ 1 books in 2 hours.

Return from Jizo-do
Bus for Odakyu Odawara line to Shin-Matsuda Station and Sekimoto (Daiyuzan station) there is.
※ The number is 1 books at almost 1 hours.

Bus stop next to Jizo-do (free parking lot and toilet in the back)
Bus stop next to Jizo-do (free parking lot and toilet in the back)

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