Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine


Kinjiro Ninomiya's shrine famous for that elementary school bronze statue

Meiji 27 Year (1894 Year) 4 Year, by the consensus of the moral requital company (Ise, Mikawa, Totoumi, Suruga, Kai, Sagami) of the then 6 countries who admire the teachings of Ninomiya Sontoku, As a festival, a shrine was founded in a corner of Ninomaru Komine at Odawara Castle in Odawara, the birthplace.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, The Third Torii and Shrine building
Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, The Third Torii and Shrine building

In the Meiji 42 year (1909 year), the main hall and the shrine are newly constructed, the hall of worshipers are rebuilt, the address to God is expanded and the landscape of the current company is being arranged.

In Heisei 6 year (1994 year), the foundation centennial anniversary commemorative festival was held.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, The first Torii
Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, The first Torii

Heisei 27 year (2015 year) At the Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine example festival, the ruined castle entrance torii is completed.
From the Ise Grand Shrine, I heard that this torii was erected, following the 62 times Shikinen sengu(periodical rebuilding of a shrine carried out every predetermined number of years)the old material in the Shinto Shrine.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, the ruined castle entrance Torii
Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, the ruined castle entrance Torii

In addition, Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine is famous also as a god of academics, a lot of students visiting pray for success.
(Our eldest son became indebted to himself during high school and university entrance examinations)

Ninomiya Kinjiro 's statue of Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine
Ninomiya Kinjiro 's statue of Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

Because Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine is right next to Odawara Castle, we recommend a sightseeing course of Odawara Castle Ruins Park ⇒ Odawara Castle ⇒ Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine.

Ninomiya Kinjiro (You are given the place of samuraiSince then Ninomiya Sontoku)

Born to be a rich farmer in Tian Ming 7 year (1787 year), Sagami country Kayama village (now Kayama of Odawara-city ), but the field was shed by the flooding of the Sakawagawa river over again, the house fell, the parents fell down due to overwork He passed away and his brothers were taken to his relatives' house in pieces.

Kimjiro tried hard at work late into the night from the dark in the morning and worked hard, and during that time studied without wasting a little time if I could afford, I tried to understand the teachings of the predecessor. (That wonderful teaching is included in that famous bronze statue)

In addition to knowing the wonderfulness of nature's grace and the power of people, learning that accumulation of small efforts is important. He tried hard and revived his family by 24 years old.

And, including the rebuilding of the Odawara Domain chief retainer, Hattori family, rebuilding the Sakuramachi territory of the division Uzu family at the request of the lord owner Tadazane Okubo, based on his own experiences, finance reconstruction of the Daimyo, shogunal vassal and other 600 remainder Rural reconstructionな どHe got a lot of wonderful achievements.

Ninomiya Sontoku's statue of the Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine
Ninomiya Sontoku's statue of the Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

In the company site, there is a contemporary fashionable "Kinjiro Cafe" that is based on Ninomiya Sontoku.
You can have authentic Italian coffee or 'Go soup' of meal that Ninomiya Kinjiro had eaten in the Edo period.

Coffee time in the shrine calms down mysteriously.
Coffee you drink in this special place is recommended.

Access to here

<The way of train>
From JR Odawara station east exit, walking 15 minutes

Although there is a toll parking lot at Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine, please be aware that the cherry blossoms and wisteria seasons, the seasons of Shitigosan celebrations(the celebration of a child's third, fifth, and seventh years), including the parking lot around, are very crowded.

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