Cow (Yradori) Rubai Festival


[Yellow illumination]

The “Yorrowai Festival” is held every year for about 1 months (from 2 to 1) from mid-9 to mid-16. (Admission fee: 300 yen)

Low-bite Festival
Low-bite Festival

The parrots garden where "Parrouba Festival" is held,
In the Heisei 16 year (2004 year), the local people developed devastated farmland, and graduates of middle school started planting trees of 250 book 's lowby.

Tree planting Sosin Ryubai now is about 20,000 or more (more than the site area 13,000 square meters), it became Japan's largest low-bay garden.

Wax plum (lobby)

Deciduous broadleaf shrubs of the family Rhubaridae. (Flower language is love)
From yellow cold cold 1 moon to 2 moon, I will put a yellow flower like wakame plum.

Flowers bloom earlier than the leaves, sweet scent spreads to the entire face.

Low-bite Festival
Low-bite Festival

In the garden store, we sell local special products such as locally agricultural products and Matsuda specialty ginger tsukudani.
Also, there is a cafeteria where you can eat light meals such as udon and strawberries, so if you walk around the park and have a small stomach free, drop by.

Low-bite Festival
Low-bite Festival

It's pretty popular is cut flowers (300 yen).
Bundle of Roubai 2 ~ 3 We bundle it and sell it.
If you bring it home and pour water in the living room, the atmosphere of usual room changes very much, so it is recommended.

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JR Gotemba Line Matsuda Station South Exit, Odakyu Odawara Line Shin Matsuda Station North Exit, Take the Fujikyu Shonan Bus Fee, go to the end point (about 30 minutes)

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