Hakone ropeway


Long between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station due to damage caused by the eastern Japan typhoon (typhoon 2019) in October 10
Although it was closed for a period of time, the restoration work was completed, and commercial operation was resumed from the first train on July 7 (Thu/holiday).
In the Hakone area, the typhoon caused a great deal of damage, but the Hakone sightseeing tour route (Hakone Golden Course) was completely restored by restarting operation between Hakone Yumoto Station and Gora Station.

【Scenic attraction in XNUM minutes】

* On the 2019 month 11 year of 15, access restrictions around Owakudani were lifted.
After about half a year, I was able to enjoy a walk outside Owakudani Station. As a result, heavy traffic on the road around Owakudani is expected, so it is recommended that people use the ropeway access at the Hakone Ropeway Togendai Station and Choshi Station parking lots. In addition, the Sounzan Station parking lot cannot be used due to damage from Typhoon 19.

* The Hakone Ropeway, which had been suspended due to the eruption warning level, resumed operation for the first time in 2019 months, between Choshi Station and Togendai Station (Lake Ashino) on 9 / 21 on 4.
The service between Sounzan Station and Choshi Station has been suspended, and a substitute bus is operating. (Cannot go to Owakudani)

※ On 2019 XNUM X Mon XNUM X, "crate around alarm around Owakudani" was announced by the Meteorological Agency.
Eruption alert level was raised to Level 1 (note active volcano) ⇒ Level 2 (crate perimeter control), so access to Owakudani Park is regulated, and along with it, Hakone Ropeway is now closed on all roads It is inside. be careful.

There are 4 stations (Hayoungyama station, Owakuya station, Yoko station, Tomodendai station) at Hakone ropeway and you can enjoy an aerial walk around 4km / 24 minutes.

Near Hakone Ropeway Owakudani station
Near Hakone Ropeway Owakudani station

The gondola moves at a speed of 3 to 5m per second (10.8 to 18km / h) and transports about 1 people per 1,440 hour.

The 18 passenger gondola is operating at about 1 minute intervals.
営業時間は、2~11月 9:00~17:00、12~1月 9:00~16:15
* Please note that it may be canceled due to fog or strong wind.

Hakone ropeway
Hakone ropeway

While passing through Hayasun Mountain and Kamiyama, enjoy the spectacular scenery of Owakudani, Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashinoko!

Hayasunzan Station · · · It is possible to transfer from the Hakone Tozan Cable Car at the east starting point station.

Owakudani Station · · · Station with different train on the way to Sayukayama and Tomineko Temple.

Near Hakone Ropeway Owakudani station
Near Hakone Ropeway Owakudani station

Yuzi Station ... At the station between Owakuya station and Tomodachi station, the station necessary to bend the direction of travel.

Tomodachi Station · · · At the starting point station in the west, connecting point where Hakone pirate ship, Odakyu Hakone express bus, Hakone mountain climbing bus stops gather.

【East side starting point】 Hayasuyama station ⇒ Owakuya station, Owakudani station ⇒ Peachidendai station, front desk of gondola is recommended.

Hakone Ropeway Owakudani and Ropeway seen from Myojingatake
Hakone Ropeway Owakudani and Ropeway seen from Myojingatake

【West side starting point】 Between Taoyuki station → Owakudani station, we recommend the front seat of the gondola, the rear seat of the gondola, between Owakudani Station and Hayasunzan Station.

Especially, in the morning of the congestion period (weekend in the Golden Week, Bon Festival, hydrangea / autumn leaves time), those who came by Romance car come from Hakone Yumoto Station ⇒ Gora Station → Hayasunzan Station, Please keep in mind that a queue waiting for a ropeway is made.
※ The congestion period is the aim of using the West origin.

Hakone ropeway Hayakumayama station
Hakone ropeway Hayakumayama station

In addition to the Hakone ropeway, those who are also considering the use of pirate ships and cable cars, "Hakone free pass" is definitely advantageous.

For more information,This blogI will write it, so please refer.

· Standard fee,this

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