【Best View Pont overlooking Hakone】

It is a mountain with a slender X X X X m height located in the eastern part of Hakone Norinyama, and it is one of the peaks of the old Norayama in Hakone.

Hakoneyama is not a name that represents one mountain, but a generic term for a volcano that represents the entire caldera surrounded by a central crater and two new and old rims.

I think it is a special place where you can overlook Kamiyama, Komagatake, Kami-Fujiko, Shimo-Fujiko, and Kintoki.

The summit of Myojingatake
The summit of Myojingatake

This area is the area designated as Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

Because it is a moderate mountain, it is ideal for hiking, and even beginners can enjoy it freely.

The summit of Myojingatake
The summit of Myojingatake

To pray for the safety of travelers over Hakone Nowazan, it is said that the origin of Yamana is that Myojin was enshrined at the summit.

From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a panoramic view of Owakudani, and on sunny days you can also see Enoshima and Sagami Bay.

For some reason, the lift seen at the ski area is left in the mountain climbing route from Daiohsan Sj 乗 ji.
When I asked the elderly, in the old days, there was a plan for a tourist destination business, and when I built a climbing lift, that business went around on the way and it seems that the facilities were left as it is.

Miyajino route · · · climb XNUM minutes
Miyagino branch office front (80) → Ayabe (65) → Myojingatake 
It is the shortest course to climb to Myojingatake.

Sengoku route · · · climb XNUM minutes
Sengoku (45) → Yakura Sawa (65) → Hatsuishidake (55) → Myojingatake

Myoshigatake route · · · climb XNUM minutes
Miyagino Bridge (80 minutes) → Myoshigatake (55 minutes) → Ayabe (65 minutes) → Myojingatake

Daiyuzan Sjo-ji Temple route · · · climbing XNUM minutes
Daiyuzan Sj 寺 ji Temple (80) → Viewhouse (30) → Shinmeisui (75) → Myojingatake

Tsukahara Station route ··· Climb XNUM minutes
Tsukahara Station (100 minutes) → Mountain climbing mouth (50 minutes) → Mikarudai (100 minutes) → Myojingatake

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