Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival


Japanese umbrella looks good with peony

Each year, the temple of Yonmudera in Matsuda-cho, which is famous for “Hokugakka Temple Hyakugoji Temple,” holds the “Hana Matsuri Datsun Festival” on 4 and 29.

Temple of the East Country Flower Hyakugoji Temple ... A temple called "Flower Temple" in the Kanto 1 metropolitan area 6 prefectures gathers and starts in Heisei 13 year 3 month. Currently, 103 temples are members, and Yonmei Temple is Kanagawa 11.

Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival
Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival

This is also known as "Peony Temple", and about 50 species and 500 shares of peony bloom in colorful colors under the tasteful Japanese umbrella. The best part is 4 late May to 5 early May.

Japanese umbrellas seem to have the role of protecting peony from sunlight and rain.

On the day of the festival, flowers will be held at Kannon-do, a flower festival to celebrate the birth of Buddha, Pokkuri Benten offering at Bentendo, etc., and a tea ceremony will be held (for a fee).

This Enmei-ji Temple is rightly called Kamatsu-yama Enmei-ji, and Kaizan is the 4th year of civilization (Cydral 1472 year), Kusunose Sosei-ji III Sougaku Kazusao (Saodong-seong). The opening base is the Toyama Niwa Mamoru Naeba view of Odawara Hojo.

Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival
Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival

By the way, it is said that Toyama Kinshiro, who is famous for the tattoo of Sakura Fubuki that appears in the period drama, is a direct line of this Toyama Niwa Mamoru Naoki.

This temple was equipped with a burial which became the predecessor of Matsuda Elementary School in 1906 (Cyber ​​XNUM).

Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival
Enmeiji Temple Botanic Festival

In the approach and the grounds, you can also see many towers such as the Great Pagoda, Forbidden Monuments, and the Sanno Gong Present Tower.

Access to here

<In case of train>
From JR Gotemba Line Matsuda Station, Odakyu Odawara Line Shin Matsuda Station, walk XNUM minutes

<For cars>
From Tomei Expressway Oi Matsuda IC, 255 minutes via National Highway 246 / 5
There is a free parking lot in the temple for 10 units, but it would be good to park on coin parking around Shin-Matsuda Station and go on foot when the Botanic Festival is held.

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