Kawamura Castle Festival


Gather Kawamura from all over the country!

This is a festival dedicated to Mr. Kawamura's succession, which has been derived nationwide from here in Yamakita, and is held every Sunday on the middle of 9 (2019 year in 29)

Kawamura Castle Festival Kawamura Castle

The local Kawamura Castle Preservation Society cooperated with the Yamakita Town Hall and Yamakita Town Tourism Association in order to spread the family clan clan party's memorial festival, which had been run for many years at the Bodoji Temple of Hanmura, to Kawamura. It seems that he started a castle festival.

<Kawamura Castle>
It is said that Kawamura Castle was built by Hidetaka Kawamura, who followed the flow of Hidehara Fujiwara at the end of the Heian period.

In the new era of Kenmu's new politics, the north-north dynasty, Mr. Kawamura is said to have cooperated with Mr. Nitta and confronted Mr. Takashi Ashikaga. From 1352 to 2 years, Hidekuni Kawamura and Hidenobu Kawamura and others stood in this castle, It is said that it surpasses the attack of Mr. Takashi Ashikaga. However, in the battle of Namwon, it was defeated and many of the Kawamura clan were allegedly dead.

In the Warring States period, he came under the control of Mr. Gohojo. 1570 (first year of Kame) – 1573 (first year of Tensho), it was reinforced during the invasion of Shingen Takeda, and it is said that there was a battle between Mr. Gohojo and Mr. Takeda along with the surrounding castles. ..

The castle was destroyed by the defeat of Odawara by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1590 (Tensho 18).

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It was a very unique event in which the descendants of Mr. Kawamura who lived nationwide participated. In 2019, Mr. Tetsuo Kawamura, former Secretary of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Takashi Kawamura, Mayor of Nagoya City, also participated.

Former Secretary General Kawamura, who spoke on behalf of the family, said, “I want to support Yamakita Town in the future so that Mr. Kawamura's summit where Mr. Kawamura gathers from all over the country can be held.”

Kawamura Castle Festival Muryu Shrine's fluent horse demonstration

2019 year event content

10: 00 ceremony / legal

11: 00 Muroo Shrine fluent horse demonstration

11: 30 Yamakita Junior High School brass band performance & slowdown

12: Performance by 00 Kawamura Reiko Yamakita Preservation Society

One push for this event is the fluent horse that can be seen at close range.

Every November 11,Yabusame event performed at the Muro Shrine annual festivalIn the form of a demonstration.

Kawamura Castle Festival Muryu Shrine's fluent horse demonstration

This demonstration began at the Kawamura Castle Festival in 2018.

Murou Shrine's fluency horse is different from general fluency horses in that it shoots with the head of dew-off and two archers. I don't think the power of 2 heading can be seen elsewhere.

Kawamura Castle Festival Muryu Shrine's fluent horse demonstration

In addition, the “uplifting” of the armored soldiers will be performed in cooperation with two nearby venues, reproducing that time.
① Fortress of Kanegatsuka (in front of Tofuno Jizou) ⇒ ② Ruins of Kawamura Castle ⇒ ③ Near Iwahara Castle Ruins (Minamiashigara City)

Visitors have a free pork soup service, which will satisfy their small stomach.

Access to here

In case of train
① About 30 minute walk from Yamakita Station on Gotemba Line

* The local parking lot is not very large, but this year (2019) it was almost parking. The most reliable way is to stop at the parking lot around Yamakita Station and come on foot, but it takes about 30 minutes from Yamakita Station, so be careful.

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