Odawara Plum Festival (Soga Bessho Plum Festival)


Pleasant scent of plum

Every February, the Odawara Plum Festival is held in February. (From 2, 2020/2 (Sat.) to 1/3 (Sun.))

The Odawara Ume Festival has Odawara Castle Ruins Park and Soga Bairin, but here at Soga Bessho Bairin, you can enjoy the scenery of Fuji and the fragrance of 35,000 white plums.

Odawara Plum Festival Yabusame
Odawara Plum Festival Yabusame

Located in Soga no Sato, Soga Bairin consists of three districts: Bessho, Nakagawara and Hara, and is operated mainly by farmers in each district. In particular, the Bessho venue has the most facilities such as the Bairin, souvenir shops, food and drink, and parking lots.

Odawara Plum Festival Soga Bairin
Odawara Plum Festival Soga Bairin

In Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, more than 600 years ago, many plum trees were planted under the castle in order to use plum nuts as weapons in the time of Hojo. In the Edo period, the cultivation of plums was encouraged by the Odawara feudal lord Okubo, and it grew rapidly. In addition, as a post town over Hakone, Umeboshi was handy as a necessity for travelers (preserving lunches, healing thirst, and health food).

About 40 years ago, a local farmer formed an executive committee at Soga Bairin in Odawara, where they wanted to produce edible plums and enjoy the beauty, cuteness, and nobility of the flowers. Has been held.

Odawara Plum Festival Soga Bairin
Odawara Plum Festival Soga Bairin

Soga Bairin consists of Nakagawara, Hara, and Bessho (local) plum forests, and about XNUMX white plums are planted. For the purpose of producing edible plums, most of them are white plums with white flowers.

Bessho Bairin admission time
You can freely enter the plum forest field (private land) during the holding period, but from 7:00 to 17:00

If you come by car. Because it is a public road, you can enter it at any time, but the places where you can park are limited (see venue guide map). In addition, traffic restrictions will be applied between 9:00 and 16:00.

Odawara Plum Festival Soga Bairin
Odawara Plum Festival Soga Bairin

If the flowers are at their best and the weather is fine, the area around Bairin is crowded even on weekdays. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays, the prefectural road Route 72 may be congested. The parking lot is also full in the morning, free of charge and full, and we are waiting for availability.

In the Bairin, there are mainly Juro plum (for dried plums), Shirakaga (for processing plum juice, plum extract, plum wine, etc.), Nanko (for dried plums, also used for processing), and weeping plums (for ornamental use).
It blooms in the order of Juro → Minamitaka / Weeping → Shirakaga.

Plum blossoms have good flower life and can be enjoyed for about a month. In addition, here in Bessho Bairin, you can enjoy plum blossoms for a long period of time because you cultivate many varieties such as Juro, a special product, Shirakaga, Minamitaka, Sugita, weeping plum, etc. Please enjoy the 1 plum blossoms at Soga no Sato.

Soga no Sato and Yabusame]
 Here in the Soga no Sato area, the Soga Taro Yunobu clan was set up as a gokenin of the Shogunate during the Kamakura period.It was Mr. Mitsue, the mother of "Goro / Juro", who is famous for Soga Monogatari, who married this Yunobu.Here in Soga no Sato, there are many archaeological sites related to Soga Monogatari. According to "Azuma Kagami," his brother-in-law, Yunobu, is a master of archery and has been rewarded by Minamoto no Yoritomo for his high achievements during "Fuji no Makigari."

[Origin of Yabusame]
 Among the techniques of archery, Yabusame, Inuoumono, and Kasagake are called <three things of horse riding>, and unlike the practice competition of archery, Yabusame has been handed down as a Shinto ritual to pray for "Tenka Taihei, five grain abundance" in ancient times. It was said to be a horse.During the reign of Emperor Kinmei (XNUMX-XNUMX), conflicts arose at home and abroad, so when Empress Jingu and Emperor Ojin were worried about the turbulent world, they were celebrated at the current Usa Hachimangu Shrine (Oita Prefecture) and prayed for Taihei Tenka. It is said that it started with three targets.

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