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Hakone Motomiya
Hakone Motomiya

ThisHi, my name is F ★ Bob, the caretaker. 

I will introduce myself easily.

Only the feeling that likes to run a wide area farm road by motorcycle is a young maniacan.
My family, my wife, my eldest son (high school student), my second son (middle school student), and
Four people + 1 dog miniature dachs,I am living with each other.


I was born in Tokyo, but since I was married and my first son was born,
Moving to the foot of Hakone Oka Mountain full of nature,
It will be more than 15 years.


Living in this prefecture west area,
Surprisingly familiar, there are many sightseeing spots represented by Hakone,
I found many attractive places.
(There are also many power spots!)

Recently, customers abroad and outside the prefecture came to be able to come to play a lot,
As a local lover, "I want to do something, hospitable"
It began to think.


So, I have been looking closely at this site, the highlights of this western Kanagawa prefecture
Recommendation Sightseeing spots are introduced to overseas · people inside and outside the prefecture based on actual experiences,
I hope to have fun if you enjoy it.


Camera of a hobby (skill level is not at all ...)
Taking pictures that make you feel a little bit local atmosphere,

I want to place it.


I actually went to that place and saw what I felt
Since I write it obediently, it is not listed in a travel magazine
I think whether local information can be obtained.


Well then, please stop by by all means on the blog.